Why Private Money?

new mexicans Why Private Money?
Getting cash from the bank is becoming increasingly difficult as lenders are constantly tightening their underwriting requirements, leaving many of your friends and neighbors in New Mexico without financing options. If you own land or commercial real estate and have special lending needs private money lenders can get cash in your pocket in as little as five days.

The cash you need is available from private investors in New Mexico and Tim Wilson can quickly match you with the right loan for your situation. Are you a real estate investor? Having access to the best sources of private equity allows you to move on property quickly and skyrocket your income and profits.

What Is Private Money Lending?

Private money loans in New Mexico is cash lent by companies or private individuals throughout the state. Regardless of who the investor is, leveraging private money loans for your business or investments is an absolute necessity for success in New Mexico’s economy.

Private money loans are easy to manage with clear payment schedules and typically have shorter term-lengths allowing them the flexibility to meet your financing needs.

Cash from Private Money Loans New Mexico is secured by your commercial real estate or land making qualifying for traditional loans based on your credit and assets unnecessary. Because your loan is funded by private individuals and not the bank, there’s no loan officer at the bank to deny your application.

Why You Should Use Private Money Lenders?

Are you a business owner looking to expand or a real estate investor wanting to close multiple deals? The most successful businesses and real estate investors leverage private money loans to achieve their business goals every day. Even well-known real estate moguls prefer to use financing from private money lenders over their own cash.

After the recent financial crisis banks and mortgage lenders clamped down their requirements putting cash out reach for many New Mexico business owners and real estate investors.

Fortunately private money is not only available, but you can get your hands on the cash you need quickly. Tim takes private lending a step further with access to millions of dollars in assets from highly motivated in-state investors.

Tim’s access and experience has helped hundreds of New Mexicans just like you achieve their financial dreams. If you own real estate in New Mexico he can get you the cash you need at a reasonable cost.

Why Trust Private Money Loans New Mexico?

Do you own New Mexico real estate and need cash in a hurry? No matter what the reason Tim Wilson at Private Money Loans New Mexico can help you. Our services are fast, respectful, and confidential. When your bank tells you “No” Tim can get you the cash you need in a hurry. The paperwork is minimal and there are no credit hassels or appraisal delays.

  • You Get Cash Quickly When You Need It Most
  • Bank loans are slow and difficult to qualify for; the private money loans arranged by Tim are fast and you can get the cash you need in as little as five days. You need to move quickly in your business and investments and don’t have time for things like paperwork, employment verification and credit checks.

  • Your Credit History Doesn’t Matter
  • These days having less than stellar credit will prevent you from qualifying for a car loan, let alone cash for your business or real estate investments. If you’ve got a few dings on your credit reports or just have plain lousy credit Tim can work with you to get the financing you need. No one is denied the financing they need for credit reasons. Finding you the cash you need is the easy part, regardless of your credit score.

  • You Have Access to Unlimited Capital
  • The sky is truly the limit with cash from Private Money Loans New Mexico. Tim has access to millions of dollars of investment capital ready to go today. Whatever your business project or investment needs a private money loan can get you funded…Fast!

    It doesn’t matter if you’re opening up or expanding your business with commercial real estate there are investors ready to fund your project. Real estate investors looking to purchase strip malls or apartment buildings will also find no shortage of funding with private money loans.

    If you own single family properties as an investment LLC, you’ll find hundreds of private money investors clamoring to loan you the cash you need secured by these properties.

  • You Control Your Business…Not The Bank
  • With private money lenders you’re in control; your success won’t depend on getting a business loan from the bank. Have you ever felt like the bank owned your business? No more… with private money lenders you’re in control of the financial terms for your business or investments.

    Once you’ve struck the deal with one of Tim’s private money investors and see how easy financing can be you’ll transform your business and profit potential. Instead of the bank having your business over a barrel you can leverage private money to reach your ultimate goal for long-term profits.

  • Private Money Is Truly Creative Financing
  • Private money loans fund deals banks wouldn’t consider touching. If you’re a fix-and-flip investor and find properties that need work, short-term financing with the bank is out of the question. These opportunities are prefect for private money loans. Unlike traditional lenders Tim sees the potential in your land or real estate. Working with Tim at Private Money Loans New Mexico opens the doors and opportunities for you that banks slammed shut following the recession.

  • Build Your Confidence & Peace of Mind
  • Do you feel like your credit or financial assets are holding you back from your business’s potential? Banks have little vision and no imagination when it comes to financing your dreams. Tim knows the upside of investing in business and real estate and understands that sometimes the uglier the property, the greater the investment return.

    Having a private money lender like Tim in your corner gives your business a fighting chance to expand and realize your potential. If you’ve got a no-brainer of an opportunity you can rest assured Tim will get your project funded.

Contact Tim and let Private Money Loans New Mexico work for you to help reach your financial goals… why wait another day?

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